hybrid soundscapes


"Hybrid soundscapes" is a sound installation that deals with the recontextualization of soundscapes of different socio-historical contexts. Through the transmission of soundscapes in this installation, it is explored how the relationship of knowing the context of the origin of a certain sound affects its perception. The basis of the work are the sounds from the memorial park "Šumarice", where a large number of pupils were shot during WW2, the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, where I went to school, and sounds of playful children, whose relocation to the exhibition space re-examines their sounding in the context in which they are created. The sounds were relocated from the sites using internet technology, and then shaped in real-time using software in the exhibition space. The choice of locations where the soundscapes originate shows the difference between silence and noise in relation to death (silence in the memorial park and the school) from and life (joyful children playing sounds). The exhibition opened on 06.09.2021. in UK "Parobrod" in Belgrade, and the visuals were contributed by the colleagues Emilija Terzić and Igor Rajić. Installation was presented in Zagreb as part of the ZEZ festival in June 2022. It will be presented as part of Sound Kitchen showcase during Prague Quadrinal in June 2023.